Marble gourami is a modest but notable resident of aquariums

In nature, gourami are found in the waters of the large islands of Indonesia, southern Vietnam, and the Malacca Peninsula. It was these fish that gave rise to the diverse aquarium species that lovers breed in artificial ponds. In the natural habitat, gourami reach a body length of about 15 cm, but in aquariums where space is limited, the fish are smaller - up to 10-11 cm.

European Evdoshka, description, photo of small pike

The European Eudishka (Umbra krameri) or dog fish belongs to the Umbra family, the orderidae. The spread of the European Evdoshki. The European Evdoshka spreads only in the Dniester and Danube river basins, as well as in the rivers of the Black Sea basin. It occurs in the reservoirs of northern Europe, into which it was introduced by chance.

Gastroenteritis in cats

It all starts like normal poisoning, but in fact your pet may have infectious enteritis or gastroenteritis. And if you do not start treatment on time, you can pay the health and even the life of your pet. Gastroenteritis is an inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract, accompanied by dysfunction of the stomach and small intestine, and subsequent, following this: intoxication of the body, impaired digestion, weakened immunity.

Snakes of Rostov and the Rostov region: poisonous and non-toxic

Forest-steppe, steppe and semi-desert - in these three natural zones live snakes of the Rostov region, whose species diversity is reduced by herpetologists to 10 taxa. Poisonous snakes Some reptiles settled only in the steppe / forest-steppe, while others are found throughout the Rostov region. Poisonous snakes are represented by 4 species, the poison of which is dangerous for both humans and livestock.

Central Asian tortoise

The Central Asian tortoise, also known as the steppe tortoise (Testudo (Agryonemys) horfildii) belongs to the family of tortoises (Testudinidae). The works of Russian herpetologists classify this species as a monotypic genus of Central Asian turtles (Agrionemys). Description of the Central Asian tortoise The Central Asian tortoise is unpretentious and quite interesting, from the point of view of keeping in captivity, which is perfect for growing in conditions of not too big city apartment or private house.