Franz Josef Land was first visited by humpback whales

The humpback whales listed in the Red Book of our country for the first time in history have appeared near the Franz Josef Land archipelago (ZFI).

An important event of the “zoological world” was commented by Maria Gavrilo, deputy director of the Russian Arctic National Park. She said that a flock of whales swam up to the southern part of the coast of the Western Federal District, approximately in the middle of summer, among which scientists noticed several "humpbacks".

Near the Earth, Franz Joseph was noticed as a humpback.

Since the discovery of the Arctic archipelago (the history of which has more than 140 years ago), this is the first visit of humpback whales to the coastal waters of the Western Federal District. Maria Gavrilo explained that such a phenomenon is unlikely to be associated with any climate change on our planet. Scientists have suggested that the humpback swim is more likely motivated by an increase in their population, and as a result, an expansion in the area of ​​residence.

In general, according to Maria, Franz Josef Land, including the Russian Arctic National Park, is a unique place, because it is here that the rarest species of animals are preserved: the Svalbard population of Greenland whale, minke whale, finwal, beluga whale, narwhal and some other marine inhabitants. The employees of the national park are seriously concerned about the further safety and security of these species, since the active development of the Arctic shelf on an industrial scale is currently beginning. One way or another, this will affect the number of animals inhabiting the coastal waters of the ZPI.

Watch the video: Greenland whale on Frans Josef Land in 1993 (February 2020).

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