Garlic noodles. Description of the bird

What is a garbage tree? A small bird, the size of a sparrow, lives in swamps and is considered a favorite trophy of hunter-athletes. The description of the garnish will help you learn more about these birds ...

These tiny waders nest on the territory of Eurasia: they are found throughout the continent, starting from Scandinavia and up to areas of Eastern Siberia.

For the wintering season, garliches are sent to the south of Europe and to Asia Minor.

The appearance of the garlic

Garnier (Lymnocryptes minimus).

The color of these birds does not change throughout the year. The upper part of the head, as well as the occipital region, are covered with feathers of black color with reddish blots, from a distance it seems that the bird wears a hat.

Light stripes are visible on the back.

The edges of this "headdress" are bordered by a light ocher strip, in the center of which a black line is inserted. The frontal part has a yellow tint, in the center of the forehead is a strip of black, located along. The upper part of the neck is painted in brown tones, among which there are black speckles.

The garlic has a beautiful camouflage color.

Light lines are clearly visible along the back. The area above the tail is black with a purple tint; the lower back has the same shade. The throat is white. The abdominal region is also white.

The beak is black and the base is light brown. The paws have either a brown or greenish tint. As already mentioned, the size of these birds is small: the weight of an adult garnish is from 34 to 43 grams, and the body length is 10 - 12 centimeters. Beak 3 - 4 centimeters, which is about 30% of the body length.

Garnish Style

Garnish in search of food.

This type of bird is considered very rare. The secretive way of life of the garages makes them one of the most poorly studied birds on Earth. It is known about habitats in nature that garnish species prefer to inhabit moist meadows and swamps. The height of their residence varies from 1400 to 2000 meters above sea level. At times, garbage can be found on lakes that are heavily overgrown with grass, or near the banks of rivers.

The garlicnake lives near ponds.

The food for these small birds is small invertebrate animals, and in winter the main diet is seeds.

Listen to the voice of the garbage


About the reproduction of garliches

The breeding season and the nesting period are observed from mid-February to April. Garnish female lays an average of 4 eggs.

Garbage egg.

These birds carry out flight to warmer climes beginning in late September.

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