The hare rebuffed the killer snake

Having discovered a rabbit's snake nest, she decided to seize the opportunity and have a meal with the cubs there. The attack was successful, and out of three they will, they managed to swallow two.

But suddenly a hare mother appeared and attacked a snake, which turned out to be a black snake. These snakes are non-toxic and belong to the genus of slender snakes from the family of suppers.

A hare against a snake.

The length of this snake can reach two meters, and the body is very thin and slender, for which this kind of snake began to be called slender. By the way, a black snake can attack other snakes, including (in rare cases) and poisonous ones. This snake is widespread in the center of the United States of America and in their southern territories, where this event took place.

Due to the fact that black snakes are not poisonous, the bunny attacking him is unlikely to threaten anything, but the snake from it pretty much got "nuts". In any case, the rabbit managed to drive the snake along the entire lawn located next to the nest.

The snake decided to attack the little rabbits.

It should be noted that the widespread belief that the hare is an extremely weak and cowardly animal has little in common with reality. It's just that this beast is very careful, has an extraordinary hearing and is unusually fast, which allows him, having noticed the danger, in most cases successfully avoided it with the help of his very strong and fast legs.

The snare got a lot from the enraged mother.

However, this is not a sign of cowardice, but simply the most effective way to fight for survival, which is not surprising when you consider that some rabbits can reach speeds of up to 70 kilometers per hour. If the conflict cannot be avoided, the hares actively use their powerful incisors and no less powerful hind legs, which also have reasonably strong claws. The force of impact with its hind legs is such that foxes prefer to bypass the adult hare, hunting only for small ones.

Unfortunately, the information laid out by eyewitnesses of the conflict does not give an idea of ​​what ended the fight between the black snake and the hare.

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