The owner of the runaway cat sued her new owners for a year, wanting to get her back

Senka Besirevich, who lives in the UK in Birmingham, spent a whole year of her life and spent one thousand six hundred dollars trying to sue her cat, which disappeared from her house with a married couple who found and sheltered her.

The lost cat lived only two kilometers from her former home, where Madame Besirevich suffered from longing for her beloved.

Brandy (what was called the cat who became an apple of contention) disappeared from her house as much as seven years ago and, although they searched for it for many months, they could not be found. One can imagine how surprised Senka was when she got a call from a veterinary clinic seven years later and was informed that her pet was found. The fact is that Senka's data were entered into the cat’s microchip, which her new owners brought to the veterinary clinic for examination.

Senka and her favorite is Brandy's cat.

Karl and Karen Green, a married couple, once discovered a cat sleeping in a greenhouse, which was located on their site about four years after Brandy disappeared. Logically assuming that the cat is homeless, they took her to their house, giving her the new name Smelli, which means "stink". Despite such an offensive nickname, they began to please the foundling in every way. For her convenience, the couple even made a special door in their front door, in which Smelli could enter the house and go outside.

Once the Greenes suspected that their pet had an eye infection. Naturally, they immediately rushed to the veterinary clinic, where they determined that the cat already had a mistress. But after Senka called the new owners of the cat and thanked them for caring for her and offered to reimburse them for all expenses for her maintenance, they immediately refused to return her to her former mistress, claiming that Smelli-Brandy is now their property.

Senka then turned to the police, but law enforcement officers told her that they could help her if she were a Brandy dog, but since this is a cat, they are powerless. Then Senka went to the servants of Themis and after a year, she was still awarded the right to own her cat. True, the long-awaited reunion of the cat and Senka Besirevich did not happen, because a week after the court decision was made, the Green family stated that the cat had disappeared somewhere and they could not find it.

True, the runaway cat was soon found by employees of the Birmingham Society for the Protection of Animals, thanks to which she was nevertheless able to return to her mistress. Senka claims that although the return of her pet to the house cost her a round sum, she does not feel the slightest regret about this and believes that every penny was not wasted. “I won’t lose her for anything. I really love my cat and it’s a real shame that I had to go to court to regain it,” Senka told reporters.

As for the Green family, it’s also quite possible to understand them, because over the past three years they managed to become attached to their new family member in order, despite the fact that they already had three striped pets. Karen claimed in court that they treated the cat they found with the same love that they treated the rest of the cats. Karen said she thought it was unfair that she had to give the cat to Senka. One consolation is that if Senka made such efforts to bring her back to her, then she will surely provide her with the best living conditions.

Watch the video: Family that adopted dog being sued by original owners (February 2020).

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