Strange animal friendship: cats and their best mates

Cats are known to be very obstinate animals. Even with a person, their relationship does not always develop, what can we say about animals that do not belong to the cat family!

But here there are exceptions. Sometimes, cats easily find a common language even with those with whom it is difficult to imagine! Do not believe?

Strange cats friends.

Here is evidence of a strange friendship between animals. Let's see who cats really get along with ...

Usually cats prey on birds, but something in this parrot attracted a baleen predator.Cat and iguana? Indeed - a strange friendship!This cat feels great next to her strong friend.The cat came to visit his friend at the zoo.“Hey Buddy! Let's go back to that boutique! ”“Barsik, how is the fish tasty?”Friendship knows no boundaries: cat and roe deer.These two comrades have a lot of fun together!"Instinct tells me that I should eat you ... but it’s better I play with you!"“Guys, you promised me to play! Enough of these calf tenderness! ”This cat just bastards when they scratch his ear, and it does not matter who does it!Cat and squirrel are best friends.It turns out that cats can also have comrades in the stable.

Photos taken from the Internet.

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