Hairy pigs: lamb-like curls

At the beginning of the last century in many European countries, and especially in England, unusual animals such as woolly pigs were very popular.

These pigs were completely covered with fur and looked more like sheep than ordinary pigs.

But by 1972, the last representatives of this type of pig in Britain had died. At this point, it was believed that the "pig-sheep" as a species ceased to exist.

The breed of domestic pigs is woolly pigs.

However, it turned out that in Austria and Hungary at that time these unusual animals were also bred, to be exact, specifically pigs of the Mangalitza breed. But even there their number was very small, the breed was threatened with complete extinction. Having received this information, the British specialists from the company Pig Paradise in 2006 went to Austria to a mountain farm, where they purchased 17 heads of this breed of pigs.

Piggy woolly pig.

Shaggy pigs tolerate the conditions of a mountain winter very well. Their appearance is actually very similar to sheep, only a patch and large ears make it possible to distinguish them from lambs. Especially enhances the similarity of the hair of these pigs, which curls, reminiscent of their appearance astrakhan.

By the amount of wool, these pigs could compete even with sheep.

But, no matter what they look like, still woolly pigs are pure pigs, not hybrids of pigs and sheep. They acquired this appearance thanks to the efforts of breeders who managed to breed a pig breed covered with a dense hair.

Woolly pigs - owners of chic hair.

Such a chic coat helps these unusual pigs to easily survive the cold, and in the summer protects them from insects. Due to its winter hardiness, this breed has gained great popularity in countries such as Austria, Germany and Hungary.

And the British breed of shaggy pigs Lincolnshire Curly Coats in 1925 was awarded a gold medal at an agricultural exhibition, which was held in the capital of Hungary, Budapest.

Hairy pigs - curls like a real lamb.

To date, the woolly British Lincolnshire, unfortunately, has completely disappeared. In this regard, representatives of the company Pig Paradise have done everything possible to find the latest representatives of woolly pigs in Hungary, as already mentioned above. So those who want to see this natural wonder with their own eyes can go to a farm owned by this company, which is located in England, near the legendary Stonehenge.


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