Patterned Snake - Painted Snake

Snakes are such different creatures: sometimes poisonous and treacherous, and sometimes quite harmless. The hero of this story was a patterned snake.

No, no, there’s no spelling mistake if someone suddenly thought that it was a snake crawling somewhere. The snake is not a verb, but the name of one of the most common snakes from the family of already distinctive, clan climbing snakes.

Is the snake good looking?

Patterned snake (Elaphe dione).

Even one of the many species of snake can have representatives of various colors in a population.

Everyone has one common “background”: this is a slightly grayish back, and dark, almost black, spots are randomly located throughout the body. Otherwise, the color can be very diverse, from light gray to dark red.

During molting, it can change significantly, it almost always becomes less bright, contrasting. The tail is usually no more than 35 centimeters, the snake itself can be from 70 centimeters to 2.5 meters long. In females, the tail is shorter than in males, and less thickened at the base. Also, the main difference is that males have more shields on their bodies.

Patterned snake is a relative of snakes.

The scales on the sides of the body are very smooth, which makes it smoother, unlike other snakes.

Where such a miracle lives

Snakes are very common, perhaps due to the fact that they easily adapt to many natural conditions, from deserts to coniferous forests. On the rocky slopes of the mountains, the outskirts of the marshes, in valleys and floodplains of rivers, salt marshes, alpine meadows, one can meet a snake.

This reptile is not dangerous to humans.

The habitat is very wide, snakes are found in Korea, northern China, Central Asia, Ukraine, South Siberia, Transcaucasia, Iran and many, many other places. On the islands of the Aral and Caspian seas, some representatives of this genus were also recorded.

Lifestyle snake

It leads, mainly, a daily way of life, leaves for wintering in early autumn and wintering until mid-spring. The average lifespan of a snake is about 9 years, in captivity snakes can live a little more than 10 years.

Patterned snake - a predatory snake.

Lives mainly under the roots of trees, in hollows, large cracks in the soil. Often settles near people, can settle in a vineyard, orchard, vegetable garden. It is very fast, it moves perfectly both on the ground and on tree branches, it swims and dives perfectly.

Food ration snake

It eats small mammals, small snakes, insects, fish, birds, bird eggs. The snake first strangles the prey with the help of its body, swallows only the dead, starting from the head and pre-moistened with saliva, swallows the whole eggs. Among the snakes, cases of cannibalism have been repeatedly recorded.

Patterned snake is a frequent guest of human settlements.


At about 2-3 years of age, maturation occurs in snakes, females mature later than males. The mating season occurs in the middle - the end of spring, sometimes continues until the end of summer.

In the clutch, the number of eggs varies from 6 to 25, the female places the eggs in the dust of rotten trees, in the grass, near water bodies, the incubation period lasts about a month.

Newborn snakes in length are slightly more than 20 centimeters and a little more than 5 grams of weight. Shedding begins a week after birth, and then begin to eat small mice.

Enemies in nature

Among the snakes, there have been cases of cannibalism.

Predatory mammals and birds are the main enemies of the snake. The ability to move and hide quickly on tree branches serves as a salvation snake. In the event of danger, the tip of the snake begins to vibrate quickly and strongly, hitting the ground, and creating a characteristic sound.

Snake and man

The snakes are calm, not poisonous, completely not dangerous to humans, it is the snake that is recommended as a domestic snake. It is better to keep it in a horizontal aquarium or terrarium, preferably with a swimming pool for swimming and drinking.

It is best to keep the snakes one by one, because of their penchant for cannibalism. The snakes are affectionate and calm, it is extremely rare to meet an aggressive individual. But it is better to pick up from behind, from the back, grabbing the snake by the neck, since if you do this in front, the snake can throw itself in the face. Not dangerous, but unpleasant.

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