Skye Terrier dog. Description, features, care and price of skye terrier

There is a small island off the coast of Scotland called Skye. From there came a breed of amazing animals. From the stories it came to the fact that once on the coast of this island one Spanish ship was wrecked.

The only living creature that remained after this was a Maltese dog. She swam to the shore and was rescued by the locals.

Breeders did a little work on the dog, mixing it with Scottish Terriers and Diamond Terriers. People accustomed these pets to hunting small animals. Their target was foxes, badgers and otters.

Thanks to the quality of the excellent coat sky terriers gained incredible popularity among the aristocrats of England and Scotland. Universal love, recognition and honor came to breed of skye terrier literally immediately after its appearance.

They are the most faithful pets. This conclusion was confirmed after a historical event. Once, a beautiful and unremarkable dog lived in the capital of Scotland. Every day he enjoyed spending time with his master. And when he was gone, the dog began to yearn for him madly and live next to the grave of the person closest to him.

In the afternoon, they could often be noticed near a cafe that the dog was visiting with the owner. People were amazed at his fidelity and constantly fed the dog. And when he died in 1872, a monument was erected to him. Named famous dog skye terrier Bobby.

In the photo, the monument to Skye Terrier Bobby

Features of the breed and the nature of the sky terrier

These pets of small muscular build and with a body twice as long as they are twice as tall have a proportional head on which a black point of the nose and a silky tuft hanging over the eyes of the animal stand out clearly.

Sky Terrier Puppies Ideal for families with older children. They have already left that age when they do not know how to behave with four-legged friends.

It is advisable to teach pets to society from a very young age. Dogs should understand that in the world there are a large number of others, except for their owners and animals. Thanks to socialization, the pet will not be shy, timid or aggressive.

Dreaming people buy sky terrier it must be remembered that they do not like to be alone. Boredom and inaction make them destructive and unbridled. Skye Terrier may be quiet and calm indoors for some time. But this is only if he exercises daily for at least half an hour.

Terriers have excellent qualities of a security guard, this is not only a beautiful pet for decorating a yard or apartment, but also an excellent security guard. They are aggressive towards strangers, unfamiliar dogs. And they can even chase and kill small extraneous animals.

In open areas, the pet's courage and activity go off scale. Indoors, he becomes calm, quiet and serious. The dog is loyal to all members of the household, but out of all it chooses one owner for itself. He treats children with respect and understanding. Very angry when teased.

It is important to attach the terrier to society from an early age, then problems in communicating with other pets or people should not arise in adulthood. Sky terrier shows its suspicion to strangers because of its caution.

He is unlikely to be friends with anyone, that's why he is an excellent watchdog. These pets are polite, elegant. They have a lot of courage and courage, agility and strength.

Skye terrier is endowed with fearlessness and at the same time, gentleness in character. They can be overly sensitive, but do not like to submit and sometimes show their incredibly stubborn disposition.

The real owner of this pet can be a person endowed with energy, active. The pet immediately notices such qualities. These animals are not suitable for weaklings and lazy people.

They can be educated only in the hands of persistent, courageous and determined people. Without these qualities, raising a real sky terrier, and not a freaking dog, will not be easy enough.

In general, dogs have a wonderful character. They are distinguished by devotion, obedient and affectionate with the owners. The assertion that they are aggressive, vindictive and with a nasty character is false.

This is an animal that can become a good companion and four-legged friend with a strong and firm disposition. The fact that a pet sometimes strives to be stubborn and independent is not considered a vice, but most likely its hallmark.

Description of the Skye Terrier breed (standard requirements)

On photo skye terrier more like a beautiful toy little animal. A small dog is about 25 cm. The length of the pet is twice as long. The entire length of the dog reaches 105 cm. The terrier has abundant hair, which needs constant and proper care.

Their eyes are inconspicuous, brown. The ears are straight. All of them are covered with long hair. The tail is small. Wool of two layers - a soft inner layer and an outer long one. The outer is thick, smooth, silky. Wool cover is not threatened with entanglement.

As for the color, according to the standard the dog can be white, black, gray, yellow, brown. In the color, blackouts are noted on the ears and limbs of the pet, as well as a white spot on the thoracic region. All other colors are considered marriage. The pet weighs no more than 11 kg.

Care and maintenance of the sky terrier

Sky Terrier Dog comfortable not only in the private sector with a large yard, but also in a small apartment. But this is with the conditions of regular walks and activities with the animal.

These dogs do not require a lot of space, but on the contrary they need a lot of attention. On walks, the pet should be lowered from the leash and allowed to run into it freely, wasting its energy.

Particular attention requires pet hair. Frequent bathing is not necessary. This is only done as the problem arrives, approximately three times a month.

For bathing sky terriers there are special shampoos with conditioners that help to care for their hair. In order for the dog’s coat to be constantly glossy and neat, it must be constantly combed with a comb specially designed for this purpose.

Skye terriers also need a regular haircut, otherwise their wool skirt will spread along the ground. Cleaning the ears, cutting the claws and washing the eyes for them are the same mandatory procedures as for the rest.

It is advisable to remember that the cold weather for these dogs is not as scary as the heat. They tolerate cold fairly steadily and without consequences. But in the heat of a dog’s walk, it’s better to shine at a minimum.

The harsh climate of Scotland perfectly tempered these animals. They are not too painful and not picky in food. It is important for them that the diet should be fish and seafood, or food based on them. But it is very important that there are no preservatives and various harmful bio-additives in it. Products with soya dog are contraindicated.

Sometimes, extremely rarely, a pet may be allergic to a particular product. In this case, you need the advice of a veterinarian and a balanced diet, but without those products that cause an allergic reaction.

Only experienced dog breeders or dog handlers can train them. It is better to start learning from early childhood. You can raise an obedient pet in him only if you treat him, as an equal, your partner.

On a photo the puppy of a sky terrier

The full control of your emotions should be with the trainer Skye Terrier. Classes in which the dog fully manifests itself are exactly what is needed for her good health and overall development. In training, diversity should prevail, otherwise the dog will very quickly become boring and not interesting.

Of the diseases, they are sometimes plagued by orthopedic problems due to excessive growth and increased activity at a young age. Reinforced loads to the pet up to 2 years are not recommended. Also, some sky terriers are threatened with osteochondrosis.

Sky terrier price and reviews

All owners of this dog and people who at least once came across her note her incredible devotion. They show their politeness, affection and humility in relation to a strong and strong-willed master. Next to a passive and weak person, the sky terrier can become impudent and unbridled, which is difficult to fix in adulthood.

They really do not like to be on a chain or in an enclosed space. It is also necessary to remember those who decided to make this four-legged friend. But in general, this is a beautiful and sincere animal, which, with proper treatment, gives off so much affection and warmth that people living next to the sky terrier never feel alone. Average sky terrier price not less than 200 dollars.

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