Sugar Possum. Sugar Posum lifestyle and habitat

Sugar Possum or simply flying squirrel - an animal about which a lot of talk has been going on lately. Given the fashion trends for everything exotic, these small animals began to be kept at home along with chinchillas, hamsters and guinea pigs.

The whole internet is teeming photo of sugar posum. Animals grow up to 40 centimeters long - males and up to 30 - females. The structure of the body of the beast is such that it can easily fly over distances from 1 to 50 meters.

Sugar Possum Price varies depending on color and age and ranges from 50 to 200 dollars. The color range of fur can be from dark gray to light beige.

Habitat and lifestyle

In the wild, the protein - sugar posum can be found mainly in Australia and the islands adjacent to it. They spend most of their time on eucalyptus trees and rarely go down to the ground.

Main feature sugar flying posum is his ability to adapt to the conditions of existence. Wherever there is enough food for this animal, he can live, even if it is a home plantation or garden. The main thing is the availability of food and shady trees.

Lifestyle Australian Sugar Possum refers to the night. The animal sleeps all day, only occasionally waking up in order to eat. But as soon as dusk sets in he wakes up and begins to walk. This will continue until morning, after which this restless protein will fall asleep again.

These beautiful creatures live in groups. As a rule, about 7 males and 25-30 females and 1 alpha male live in each group, which marks the territory of all females. The pungent odor emitted by the male’s glands scares away individuals of other groups.

Newborn young animals remain to live in a group until a new one is created and the territory is divided. Sugar possums do not protect their territory. In search of food, they are looking for new places.

The nature of sugar posum

The animal has a fairly flexible character, which is why it is suitable for domestic conditions. He likes to play and fly. Judging by reviews of sugar sums contain them at least in pairs. The animals quickly get used to the hands.

Walking around the apartment of a sugar flying posum should be supervised. He can easily steal fruit from the table or jump onto the curtain. If you shout at the animal, it can bite or scratch, so you should not let the squirrel admit to small children!

Nutrition and Reproduction

The diet of the animal can be absolutely diverse, but it must necessarily contain trace elements, proteins and carbohydrates. In the summer and spring seasons, the animal eats mainly proteins, namely grasshoppers, worms and other insects.

In winter and autumn, the diet consists of eucalyptus leaves and acacia leaves. We must not forget that sugar posum is a terrible sweet tooth. He will never give up the juice of trees and sweet fruits, therefore Sugar Possum content at home likely hit in the pocket.

These animals breed 1-2 times a year, and the gestation period of the cubs lasts only 18 days. In females, maturation begins from 1 year, males mature several months earlier.

Since sugar posum belongs to the order of marsupials, the female licks the path before her birth in her bag so that newborns can easily find nipples. Usually 1-2 cubs are born and this applies to wildlife.

A young mother feeds her babies up to 2 months, after which they themselves are looking for food. How much sugar sums live? Life expectancy is quite long and varies depending on the conditions of detention. They live in captivity for about 9 years, and at home - 12.

The content of sugar posum at home

If you decide to have this baby at home, then be prepared that conditions for sugar posum completely different from the contents of other pets.

The animal gets used to hands quickly and within a few weeks will itself ask from the cage. There is only one drawback - possum - a night animal. Breeders are advised to acquire babies aged 3 to 6 months. Before you buy sugar posum you need to familiarize yourself with a number of rules that must be observed when dealing with this pet:

  • Constructing a comfortable home;
  • Maintaining a clean and comfortable temperature in the cell;
  • Proper nutrition;
  • Walk the animal.

Many breeders advise to start sugar sums in pairs, so that the animal is not bored. They can live in a cage, ranging in size from 1.2 meters in length and 1 meter in height (a cage for a chinchilla is ideal).

It is necessary to build a house in it. It can be made from any soft fabric. The cell pallet can be lined with wood pellets. It is not recommended to use small filings.

The cage should be cleaned at least once a week with the female and 2 times with the male, which constantly marks its territory. There should always be clean drinking water in the drinker.

Since the animal prefers shady eucalyptus plantations in the wild, the cage should be in a rather cool place. The fur of the animal on top is quite stuffed, so sometimes you can gently comb it out.

Eating homemade sugar posum is reduced to carbohydrate. It can be vegetables and sweet fruits. He will especially like melon, banana and apple. If you want to treat your pet with a meat product, you can buy worms at the pet store.

Walk the animal every day in the late afternoon. Keep Posum close to small children unattended! He may be afraid of loud noises and bite or scratch. The uniqueness of the animal lies in the fact that it will not run around the apartment, but rather fly, sit on the ledge or hang on the curtain.

By following these simple rules, Sugar Posum Care It will not bring much trouble, and the animal itself will delight you with its presence. Buy sugar posum pretty hard. In captivity, these babies rarely breed, and transport them in insufficient quantities.

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