In Bashkir caves, the remains of ancient animals

Scientists reported sensational findings made in the Bashkiria National Park. It was in this place that a sensational discovery was made when hundreds of bones of ancient animals were discovered in one of the caves, among which were eight cave lions. Presumably the age of the remains is at least 45 thousand years. Until now, there have been no such discoveries in the world.

In addition, the remains of the rarest red wolf, woolly rhino, porcupine and Himalayan bear were found in the same national park. The finds were made by local residents, who informed archaeologists about them.

Woolly rhinoceros is one of the animals found in Bashkiria.

However, in addition to the remains of ancient animals, tools made in the Stone Age were also found - pointed tips and cutters. According to researchers, these tools were used by Neanderthals, who lived near the cave about 40-50 millennia ago. Unfortunately, archaeologists could not find the remains of ancient people themselves. The reasons for this have not yet been clarified.

Fifty thousand years ago, Neanderthals lived near the cave.

According to Dmitry Giranov (an employee of the paleontology laboratory of the Institute of Animals and Plants of the Russian Academy of Sciences), when scientists first entered the cave, they immediately realized that they had found the remains of a cave lion. At the same time, there are a lot of bones in the cave, which can be regarded as rare luck. Now researchers have a long period of study of finds, which will take at least five years. Interestingly, in the cave there are no signs of the presence of vandals or diggers.

The first thing that researchers realized when they got into the cave was that a cave lion once lived here.

Everything found will be sent to the Institute of Yekaterinburg, and the possibility of leaving the finds in Bashkiria has not yet been considered. After the results of studies of the remains of ancient animals are published, a decision will be made on financing further excavations, since this cave can be considered unique.

On the territory of the national park even the remains of a red wolf were found.

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